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Stampi per Plastica ad Iniezione | Chiari | Brescia | Lombardia | Claren Tools

Born in 1987 from an idea of brothers Giuseppe and Renato Olivari, Clarenstampi is the historical leader company of the Group: a solid reality with a proven experience, specialized in the construction of tools for plastic injection and die-casting technology, which managed to impose itself in the market and came to the actual network Claren Tools during the time.

Stampi per Plastica ad Iniezione | Chiari | Brescia | Lombardia | Claren Tools

Claren Tools Srl designs and manufactures tools for plastic injection and die-casting for various fields such as automotive, furniture, industrial, design products, household appliances and electronic devices up to housewares and lighting. The maximum flexibility and the capacity to listen to the customers’ requirements, the internal technical department and the high specialized human resources enable the company to be a reference reality to satisfy each request in short times

SFA Eurostampi

With more than 10 years activities and a deep experience developed by its staff in more than 30 years in the field, SFA is a commercial company high specialized in the delivery of tools for plastic injection materials for automotive. The advantages offered to the customers go from the technical support to the maintenance, from the support 24/7 to the personalized internal design of tools on demand, up to a commercial and administrative support.

The effective synergy of a consolidated Group.



  • Tools for PP or PC productions
  • High production tools
  • Hardened steel and intensive cooling
  • Bi-injection tools (hard and soft material)
    • core back
    • rotational plate
    • Spin form
  • RHCM technology tools (by steam)
  • Stack tools
  • Tandem tools
  • Tools for die-casting

Service for machining works

  • Deep drilling and milling of various types
    of steel and special materials
    (stainles steel, aluminium, 17-4ph, 13-8ph, lead)
  • Application fields: mechanical in general,
    nautical components

Thanks to the perfect union between the technical experience and the design and manufacture competences of Claren Tools Srl and to the commercial power of SFA, which counts on an important knowledge of the European market and its needs, quality standards and actual rules, the company network Claren Tools Group is an ideal partner to satisfy each requirement in the field of tools for plastic injection and die-casting with efficiency, punctuality and precision.

The deep synergy within the companies of the network, which have been cooperating actively and successfully for over 10 years, offers to the customers real advantages giving the opportunity to have only one contact partner who guarantees a complete, secure, reliable and always effective service. As a matter of fact the Group delivers a complete commercial, administrative and technical support to each customer, from the co-design for tools of plastic injection and die-casting to the after-sale maintenance, from the 24 hours/7 days support up to the commercial and administrative advice. Thanks to the presence of a technical department and a tool-shop inside the network and the high specialized and continuous updated manpower, Claren Tools Group is able to give high quality solutions for all the various fields: from furniture to automotive, from lighting, electronic devices and household appliances up to design products and housewares.

Beginning from a technical consultancy together with a feasibility study of the project joined by the manufacture and the try-out, all the design, development and production steps take place inside the companies of the network, which is able to deliver tools for plastic injection and die-casting for all the various appliances: from tools in order to produce PP or PC to hardened steel and intensive cooling up to stack and tandem tools.